India’s E-commerce Market seems Blazing by 2021 – Infographic



All those techie freaks can expect ample of opportunities with the advancement of E-commerce in India. With a huge expansion and extension of market every need of the customer will be taken care of.

Smart phones have made us smarter making our life easier. The android has not only managed its operating system but has also helped us in managing everything and anything.  We are so optimistic about its future because of these advanced and more reliable widgets.

Future Prospects of market with $75 billion in it.

Since 2016, India has seen a tremendous progress in its market securing a place and moving up on the ladder successively. An increase in the number of internet user is expected by 2021, it could touch 549 million users. This number constitutes 39% of total population enabling us to be the second in size of consumer group.



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Advancement in the market and thought process of Indians

Facebook is in fashion today we can say.  Almost every other person holds an account at this forum.  The accessibility to this forum is equal for both male and female in the near future.

The best place to market your product and services. These days every individual spends maximum time on updating and checking status and newsfeed.

To capture and rule the minds of the user one can capitalise this opportunity.

Smart Phone- A must have widget

Mobiles were once considered to be the luxury items but nowadays have become the necessity. The most likable accessory of every age group is cell phones these days. The functions have made the functioning of life smoother.

If you are in kitchen and fumbled with the recipe, your life saver is “mobile”. If you are reading or writing and hindered by complicated vocabulary your solution is with “mobile”. On a new road to a new destination your guide is “mobile”. Basically, it has answer to all your queries. Internet access is more feasible through the widget always in hand with user.

This has enhanced the scope and chances of success too. 70% of internet is accessed through mobiles.

70% of total Internet usage (Apps & browsing) will be done via a mobile device. 80% of those mobiles will run Android.

Www of Shopping-(when where what)

It has been seen that a number of user actively shop during working hours. This may be due the need of break from hectic schedule or may be a recreational activity, whatever may be the reason but online shopping has gained momentum even during working hours on working days.  Almost 60% of purchase is done within this time period and the mid-week days are preferred mostly.


The COD Option!

Consumers prefer this mode of payment to save them from any fraud. They first want to convince themselves with the quality and most importantly the originality of product and then are willing to pay the price. But, the trustworthy websites have managed to create a batch of brand loyal consumers which have increase the demand of other modes of payment like credit card etc. As per the stats, COD will experience a downfall in its usage from 60% to 45%.


Direct Sale will still shine and bloom?


Although there will be an increase in the sale of online products but still they have a long way to go to compete with direct sale. It is but a major point to be noted that by 2021 the online sale will enjoy and reap double of benefits.  The consumer going for direct purchase will for sure research everything about the price and delivery of the product online and will only then go for direct purchase. So still the online sellers have the scope of converting these visitors into consumers.


Dominance of metropolitan cities

With 86% of buyer group, metro cities have always ruled the internet sale market, but owing to the rapid increase in the knowledge and demand by the buyers of small cities which is almost doubled till now from 2016.

Delhi secures the top most position in Ecommerce business list.

Concern and top priority factors:-

There should be an increase in the number of female users.

Due to low speed, consumers are reluctant to access the internet, so steps should be taken in this context to gain the trust.

Trust issues.  A single betrayal can cost huge loss to the sellers as once the mind-set is changed it is difficult to convert that in your favour.  55% is still to be convinced and converted.


Indian Ecommerce has a dazzling Future.

The rapid changes and extensive improvement in the field guarantees a bright future for almost every business category including clothing, mobiles, coupons, books, music, and travel.