Enjoy the Rainy Season and Smell of Wet Earth with Hot and Spicy Monsoon Food and Snacks



Monsoon or the rainy season is in full swing now and providing more relaxed from the scorching heat and heat strokes. However, sweating is on the extreme level and irritating people to some level. With the drizzling everywhere or when it starts raining, nothing comes in mind first than see the view outside along with having something tasty and delicious with a tea cup. As soon as rain starts and reach in full swing, demand of hot team, deep fried Paneer Pakodas, Kanda Bhajiyas and a variety of other deep fried snacks increases to a great level.

Really hot and spicy pakodas and other snacks increase your hunger for more as soon as you take in the intoxicating smell of the wet earth and heavy rains. There is no denying the fact that soul food for the monsoon make you crazy and persuade you to visit the place from where you can get them. For the duration of office hours and when you are out of home, you directly look for the food that can well match the rainy season and quench for thirst and hunger for something spicy and tasty.

If you are wine lover, just full your glass with soda and the right quantity of wine of your choice and indulge in soul food that will bring you immense comfort and satisfaction.

Food and Snacks for the Rainy Season to Fulfill Your Desire and Satisfy Your Appetite

Pakodas and Massala Tea are the most common option to satisfy your hunger for the duration of rainy time. Hot Bhajiyas or most commonly called as Pakodas with a cutting of Massala Tea will surely provide you something special. Not forget to mention a platter of Pakoras whether they are made of eggplant, Spinach, Chilly, Cheese, Capsicum, Crisp Better fried Veggies or Onion.

Not forget to mention Dal Khichdi, Stuffed Parantha, Idli Sambhar, and a variety of other foods that are sure the right option to enjoy during rainy season. If you are looking for the amazing foods in your office or want at your home, you can choose the best one from the comfort of home by placing your order at FoodPanda or any other site. You can also ask for something for rainy time at KFC, Pizza Hut or Dominos or choose something hot and spicy at MacDonald.

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